Past SCWRT Speakers 2020

January 8th: "Rebel Hunters of the Cumberland – in the Footsteps of the 15th Ohio Volunteer Infantry?", by Robert Bundy


Past SCWRT Speakers 2019

December 11th: "General Order 100", by Nicholas Scivoletto

November 13th: "The Great Locomotive Chase", by Jim Lane

October 9th: "The Navy in the Civil War", by James Juanitas

September 1st: "A Prelude to America's Civil War", by Richard Sickert

August 14th: "The Fuse to the War: The Dred Scott Decision" by Dr. Tad Smith

July 10th: "Rebel Hunters of the Cumberland- -In the Footsteps of the 15th Ohio Volunteer Infantry" by Robert Bundy

June 12th: "Colonel John S. "Rip" Ford, Ranger", by Nancy Samuelson

May 8th: "Engagements of Hiram Berdan's Sharpshooters" by Bernie Quinn

April 10th: Cancelled due to Hof Brau remodel

March 13th: Cancelled due to Hof Brau remodel

February 13th: Cancelled due to Hof Brau remodel

January 9th: "The War Outside My Window", by Ted Savas


Past SCWRT Speakers 2018

December 12th: "Civil War Quiz", by Nicholas Scivoletto

November 14th: "Union Cavalry", by Joe Maxwell

October 10: "Fort Sumter, From the Southern Perspective", by Tad Smith,

September 12: "Lationos Were in the Civil War", by Sherrie Patton

August 8: "The Generals of Shiloh", by Larry Tagg

July 11: "Vicksburg Battlefield, Part A", by Robert Orr

June 13: "From the Battlefield to the Oval Office", by Paul G. Rudd

May 9: "Civil War Innovations", by Lawrence Marvin III

April 11: "The Nancies", by Sue Pearshon

March 14: "Blame it on Texas" by Dennis Kohlmann

February 14: "Wyman White, Sharpshooter", by Bernie Quinn

January 10: "Major Jonathan Letterman", by Don Hayden


Past SCWRT Speakers 2017

December 13: Rebel Hunters of the Cumberland: In the Footsteps of the 15th Ohio Volunteer Infantry", by Robert Bundy

November 8: "The First Battle of Charleston Harbor 1863", by Mike Werner

October 11: "The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln", by Arnold Kunst

September 12: "Three Brothers From Missouri", by Nancy B. Samuelson

August 9: "Wanna Be Johnny Rebs", by Richard Sickert

July 12: "The Generals of Gettysburg", by Larry Tagg

June 14: "General Lewis Addison Aristead", by Marty Cain 

May 10: "The Battle of the CSS Alabama and USS Kearsage", by Joe Maxwell

April 12: "Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain: Petersburg to the 20th Century", by Bernie Quinn

March 8: "Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain", by Bernie Quinn

February 8: "FILM: The Day Lincoln Was Shot", by Jim Lane

January 11: "The Lost Gettysburg Address", by David Dixon


Past SCWRT Speakers 2016

December 14: "A Civil War Quiz", by Nicholas Scivoletto

November 9: "Women in the Civil War", by Carolyn Martin

October 12: "Civil War Diplomacy", by Sherri Patton

September 14: "Do You Know More Than a 5th Grader About the Civil War?", by Tim & Ginny Karlberg

August 10: "The Stonewall Jackson A.P. Hill Feud", by Bob Bundy

July 13: "Last Clash of the Ironclads: The Desperate Battle of Trents Reach, January 23-25, 1865", by Ted Savas

June 8: "Lucy Pickens: Queen of the Confederacy", by Dr. Tad Smith

May 11: "Chinese Yankee", by Ruthanne Lum McCunn

April 12: "Two Brothers in the Civil War", by Susan Williams

March 9: "Flight Into Oblivion", by George Beitzel

February 10: "Free State of Jones", by Jim Lane

January 13: "Jefferson Finis Davis", by Paul G. Ruud


Past SCWRT Speakers 2015

December 9: "General Joseph E. Johnston", by Nicholas Scivoletto

November 11: "The Failed Struggle to Obtain Recognition of the Confederacy by England and France", by Tad Smith

October 14: "Who Burned Columbia", by Robert Bundy

September 9: "A Personal Look at the Lives of Generals Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan", by Fred Bohmfalk

August 12: "Nathan Bedford Forrest", by Nancy Samuelson

July 8: "George Armstrong Custer, Part Two", by Joe Maxwell

June 10: "Baseball in the Civil War", by Martin Cain

May 13: "Four Regiments and Four Privates" by Robert Hubbs

April 8: "Robbery at Bullion Bend, A Legitimate Confederate Fundraiser or Just Another Get Rich Quick Scheme Gone Bad?" by Richard Sickert

March 11: "The Worst Seat in the House" by George Beitzel

February 11: "Oliver Wendell Holmes, Father and Son" by Don Hayden

January 14: "Women Who Fought in the Civil War" by Erin McCabe


Past SCWRT Speakers 2014

December 10: "Captain John Groetsch" by Tim and Ginny Karlberg

November 12: "Abraham Lincoln" by H. James Harper

October 8: "The Coins and Currency of the Confederacy" by Tad Smith

September 10: "The Blockade" by Dennis Kohlmann

August 13: "An Assessment of Social, Revisionist, and Academic Civil War History" by Sherri Patton

July 9: "22 Days of Terror: CSS Arkansas on the Mississippi River" by Ted Savas

June 11: "Battlefield Medicine" by Don Hayden

May 14: "150th Gettysburg Re-Enactment" by John Greer

April 9: "General Robert Edward Lee" by George Beitzel

March 12: "General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain" by Wayne and Nina Henley

February 12: "Grant at Shiloh" by Bob Hubbs

January 8: "Francis Channing Barlow, the Boy General" by Bob Hanley



December 11: "Confederate General Cleburne and Union General McPherson" by Anne Peasley

November 13:  "California Railroads and the Civil War" by William Burg

October 9:  "The Capture of New Orleans" by Paul Ruud

September 11: "George Custer", by Joe Maxwell

August 14: "The Gettysburg of the West:  The 1862 Confederate Invasion of New Mexico" by Don Hayden

July 10: "The Mine Run Campaign & The Battle of Payne's Farm", by Ted Savas

June 12: "Attack on the CSS Albemarle", by Tim & Ginny Karlberg

May 8: "TBA" by Sherri Patton

April 10: "Elimira Prison" by Tad Smith

March 13: "Women Spies in the Civil War" by Silver Williams

February 13: "Holly Springs" by Bob Hubbs

January 8: Authors from Grass Valley



December 12: "A Play Called Ever True" by Nina Wayne Henley

November 14: "James Longstreet", by Anne Peasely

October 10: "Adm Farragut at Mobile Bay" by James Juanitas

September 12: "Monitors" by Rob Orr

August 8, "Bermuda and the Blockade" by Silver Williams

July 11, "About General Butler", by Tom Lubas

June 13, "Footsteps of the Cal 100 -A Pictorial Journey" by Tim Karlberg

May 9 "The Sultana Tragedy" by Jim Lane

April 11: "Wade Hampton's Beef Raid" by Ted Savas

March 14: "The Low Country" by Sherri Patten

February 8: "California in the Civil War" by William Burg

January 11: "About Phil Sheridan" by Nick Scivoletto



December 14: "What Did They Do After the Civil War" by Paul Ruud

November: No Meeting

October 12: "Sanitary Commission" by Nancy Samuelson

September 14: "Grand Strategy During the Civil War" by Don Stoker

August 10: "Union Amphibious Operations During the Civil War" by Jim Stanberry

July 13: "Special Event" by Jim Lane

June 8th: "Reconstruction" by Ginny & Tim Karlberg

May 11: "The Lincoln Secret" by John McKinsey

April 13: "Women in the South" by Sheri Patton

March 9: "Financing the Confederacy" by Tad Smith

February 9: "Sacramento Remembers the Civil War" by Bob Bundy

January 12: "The Jefferson Davis Funeral Train" by Fred Bohmfalk



November 10: "Battle of Pea Ridge" by Ron Vaughn

October 13: "Lincoln's Funeral Train" by Ray Cosyn

September 8: "Kansan/Missouri Border Wars" by Tom Lubas

August 11: "Game of Doors" by Jim Stanbery

July 14: "Reconstruction" by Nancy Samuelson

June 9: "Memphis Riots 1866" by Sherri Patton

May 12: "Emancipation Proclamation" by Larry Tagg

April 14: "Champ Ferguson" by Tom Mays

March 10: "TBA" by Ron Perisho

February 10: "Chicago's Irish Legion" by Prof. James Swan

January 13: "The Lost Cause" by George Beitzel



December 9:  "Lincoln-Douglas Debates" by Brad Schall

November 11: "U. S. Grant" by Dennis Kohlmann

October 14: "William Hardee" by Fred Bohmfalk

September 9: "The South was Right!" by Tim Karlberg

August 12: "The Shenandoah Valley" by Jim Stanbery

July 8: "The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln" by Larry Tagg

June 10: "Lee, the Traitor" by Ray Bisio

May 13: "2nd Battle of Winchester" by Dave Davenport

April 8, 09: "California Volunteers in the West" by Stu Howe

March 11:  "William Tillman: The Union�s First Black Hero" by Gerald Henig

February 11: "Interwoven: Cotton and the South" by Joan Beitzel

January 14: "Antebellum West Point" by Paul Ruud



November 12: "Acting as Capt. of Ca 100" by Tim Carlsberg

October 8: "Lincoln and Davis at War" by Ted Savas

September: "The Rubber Room" by George Beitzel

August 13: "Bicycling the Underground Railway" by Dr. Harvey Cain

June 11: "General Barlow" by Bob Hanley

May 14: "Civil War Spies" by Silver Williams

April 9: "Retreat from Gettysburg" by Ray Bisio

Mar 12: "Rubber Room" by George Beitzel

February 13: "Cal Infantry" by Henry Green

January 9: "Iron Horse" by Susan Williams



Dec. 12: "Fire in the Rear" by Maurice Mitchell

Nov. 14: "Home Spun Uniforms- The Real Story" by Katrina Worley

Oct 10: "Battle of Fair Oaks" by Brad Schall

September 12: "3D Photos" by Ron Perisho

August 8: "So. Cavalry in 1863 Pennsylvania Campaign" by Dennis Kohlmann

July 11: "Antebellum West Point" by Paul Ruud

June 13:  "In the Footsteps of Lincoln" by Walt Bittle

May 9:  "Wade Hampton, the Savior of the South" by Phil Avila

April 11:  "The Evolutionary Role of the Railroads in the American Civil War" by Bob Hanley

March 14:  "Confederate Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond, Virginia" by Joan Beitzel

February 14:  "The Civil War Diary of George Templeton Strong, Vol. 3" by Jim Middleton

January 10:  "Lew Wallace's Bad Day"  by Ken Hansgen



January 11:  "Stephen Foster"  by Fred Bohmfalk & Ed Sims

February 6:  "Life & Times of Nathan Bedford Forrest"  by Brian Wills

March 8:  "A Couple's Civil War Letters"  by Ever True

April 19:  "The Maryland Campaign and Antietam" by Scott Hartwig, Gettysburg Ranger

May 10:  "Black Jack Logan, Political Officers & Memorial Day"  by Brad Schall

June 14:  "John Brown"  by George Beitzel

July 12:  Civil War Photography  by Ron Perisho

August 9:  "Winfield Scott Hancock"  by Don Hayden

September 12:  "The Irish in the Confederacy"  by Dennis Kohlmann

October 11:  "Battle of Sabine Pass"  by Dennis Kohlmann

November 10, 11, 12:  "Aspects of the War on the Waters"  SCWRT West Coast Conference

December 13:  Conference report and Christmas Party



January 12:  "Those Amazing MacArthurs"  by Don Hayden

February 9:  "The Invasion of Kentucky"  by Brad Schall

March 9:  "Grant, Sherman & Sheridan"  by Fred Bohmfalk

April 13:  "Kershaw - From First to Last"  by Phil Avila

May 11:  "Events Leading to Attach on  Fort Sumter"  by Walt Bittle

June 8:  "Fortress Alcatraz"  by John Martini

July 13:  "Lincoln Assassination"  by Paul Ruud

August 10:  "CSS Hunley"  by John Nevins

September 14:  "Lincoln at Ft. Stevens & Presidential Military Exp."  by George Beitzel

October 18:  "The Life and Times of Stonewall Jackson"  by "Bud" Robertson

November 9:  "Meade at Gettysburg: Making Friends into Foes"  by Ray Bisio

December 14:  "Reconstruction"  by Maurice Mitchell



January 28:  "Hall Carbine Affair"  by Rudy Schafer

February 18:  "Battle of Franklin"  by Tom Cartwright

March 31: "Yankee Songs and Rebel Tunes"  by Phil Avila

April 28:  "Cherokee Indians in the Civil War"  by Craig Graves

May 26:  "Day 3 at Gettysburg"  by Ray Bisio

June 30:  "The Myths and Misconceptions of the Civil War"  by Ted Stahr

July 28:  "C.W. Thompson & the Civil War"  by Stephen Beck

August 24:  The 43rd Tennessee Regiment"  by  George Martin 

September 29:  "Mark Twain's Civil War"  by Bob Webb

October 26:  "Election of 1864"  by Dennis Kohlmann

December 6:  "Reconstruction"  Paul Wagstaffe