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Scheduled 2015 SCWRT Meetings
Meeting location is Plaza Hof Brau,
2500 Watt Ave., Sacramento, CA.


Coming Programs in 2015


April 8th

"Robbery at Bullion Bend -- A Legitimate Confederate Fundraiser or Just Another Get Rich Quick Scheme Gone Bad?" by Richard Sickert
May 13th "Four Regiments and Four Privates" by Robert Hubbs
June 10th "Baseball in the Civil War" by Martin Cain
July 8th "George Armstrong Custer, Part Two" by Joe Maxwell
August 12th "Nathan Bedford Forrest" by Nancy Samuelson
September 9th "A Personal Look at the Lives of Generals Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan" by Fred Bohmfalk
October 14th "Chicago, That Toddlin' Civil War Town" by Tom Lubas
November 11th The Failed Struggle to Obtain Recognition of the Confederacy by England and France by Tad Smith
December 9th General Joseph E. Johnston by Nicholas Scivoletto


Ashokan Farewell

Home     Upcoming Events     Newsletters     Photo Gallery     Past Meetings

Past Events     Links     By-Laws     History     Operating Procedures