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Scheduled 2016 SCWRT Meetings
Meeting location is Plaza Hof Brau,
2500 Watt Ave., Sacramento, CA.


Coming Programs in 2016

June 8th Dr. Tad Smith "Lucy Pickens: Queen of the Confederacy"
July 13th Ted Savas "Last Clash of the Ironclads: The Desperate Battle of Trent’s Reach, January 23 – 25, 1865"
August 10th Bob Bundy "Foracker, Cleveland, and the Confederate Flag"
September 14th Tim & Ginny Karlberg "Do You Know More Than a 5th Grader About the Civil War?"



Ashokan Farewell


Home     Upcoming Events     Newsletters     Photo Gallery     Past Meetings

Past Events     Links     By-Laws     History     Operating Procedures