SCWRT Speaker Policy
July 25, 2007

A flow of interesting speakers is the lifeblood of the Sacramento Civil War Round Table (CWRT); they educate, they entertain, they motivate, and they inspire.  These reasons and more establish a need and a desire for quality speakers.

There are certain circumstances where an invitation to speak creates an obligation for the Sacramento CWRT.  Obligations, stated or implied, could include but are not limited to:


  1. Travel expenses

  2. Hosting a speaker's introduction to the area

  3. Housing

  4. Finding a meeting place appropriate to the occasion

  5. Advertising or other efforts to increase the attendance

  6. Transportation from and to the airport

  7. Special audio-visual equipment

A member of the Sacramento CWRT who would like to speak or who has a suggestion for another speaker will be guided by the following:

1.   When the proposed speaker would in no way obligate the Sacramento CWRT, the member simply makes the request to the Program Director.

2.   Members are encouraged to discuss speaking opportunities with potential guest speakers, including those jointly involving other organizations, but will obtain approval of the Sacramento CWRT Board of Directors prior to making specific invitations in situations involving any of the above obligations.


There are "no exceptions" to these guidelines.